3 Important Things You Need to Know About Roof Inspection

If you have some roof inspection needs, a professional roofer will do the job right away.

They will even inspect the roof at no cost providing you with the free estimate you want

A general maintenance inspection will be all you need to check the overall condition of your roof. 


You will have to payup to $200 for a roof inspection on average.

If the roofer has to return to fix something, you might end up paying about $300.

You might even need to pay more for any attic-view, interior roof check.

Since you will extend the life of your roof, you will get a decent return on investment from your roofer.

However, you might end up paying up to $700 for this kind of job, which is something you should bear in mind.

What To Expect in a Roof Inspection

You should hire someone to inspect your roof so that you can catch any potential problem down the road.

The roofing inspection will include:

  • The appearance of your roof.
  • Evidence of leaks and cracks in your ceiling.
  • Condiition of drains, gutters, and fascia.
  • Missing or damaged flashing points.

Your roofer should head for your attic inspecting ventilation, mold, moisture, and many other things including proper insulation.

They must also inspect your exterior completely going up a roof to check any kind of wear and tear advising you on the state of your roof.

So your roofer will check the condition of any roof shingle, proper flashing, and chimney work as soon as possible.

Planning a Roof Inspection

Your roofer should show you a detailed plan of action to fix any problem on your roof, and that’s not an option.

This professional should also give you a detailed estimate featuring the recommended solutions.

What Your Roofing Contract Must Have

Your roofing contract is a very important part of the process, and you should get one as soon as possible.

This contract should state the specifics on the payment terms of the contract including progress payments, down payments, and final payment.

There should be also a providing stating that you can uphold payment until the job is totally finished.

Remember that this includes more than the roofing inspection.

The contract should also include the specifics on any kind of material used including any provision for add-ons and change orders.

One More Look

Having a roof inspection is important to the health of your roof and hopefully this article has given you three valuable points to consider if you need to have your roof inspected!