Can Smaller Hail Still Cause Roofing Hail Damage?

Hail can destroy a roofing installation in more ways than one.

Sometimes the need for hail damage roofing repairs is obvious, but most other times the damage is sneaky.

That’s because most people do not fully realize just how damaging even smaller hail can be.

Hail damage roofers can attest that any hail can deteriorate a roof and cause problems later on, even when it seems insignificant.

Understand how even small hail can cause hidden damage that hail damage roofer services end up finding after the fact and then have an inspection done sooner rather than later.

Is All Hail Damage Big and Noticeable?

When speaking of hail and a need for hail damage roofing repairs, most people think about large chunks of ice, an inch or two large, falling from the sky.

That does happen many times, leaving homeowners calling hail damage roofers immediately to handle obvious damage right away.


What people may not realize is that much smaller hail can be equally if not more damaging, because it is deceiving.

Small hail of less than half an inch can cause widespread damage that is not obvious to the naked eye or from the ground.

Hail damage roofers commonly find that roofs being pelted by even small hail can suffer wear that drastically shortens the lifespan of the roof without anyone knowing it.

The Damage of Small Hail

Small hail that knocks off the protective gravel from asphalt shingles, scratches the painted surface of metal roofing, and dents wood roofs causes damage that increases the effects of UV rays, corrosion, and other effects that degrade all these materials.

Worse yet, hail damage roofer services find that in areas prone to hail, small hail propelled by strong winds is more common than larger hail that produces more obvious damage.

This damage is also most overlooked and therefore prone to causing substantial, ongoing damage that may not become obvious until much later.

How to Prevent Ongoing Roof Problems

What is the answer to preventing the type of problems that go unnoticed for long periods until a need for hail damage roofing repairs becomes obvious and unavoidable?

Scheduling hail damage roofers to perform routine inspections, both after a big storm with hail, and generally every couple of years.

In Summary

Small hail is typically not going to leave the kinds of marks that make it obvious, but it can still do a lot of damage in other ways.

Avoid undetected leaks, decking and structural rot, rusting metal, dry rotting shingles, and other less conspicuous damage that can start with small hail by having hail damage roofer services perform a careful inspection after storm season passes!