Should A Roofing Replacement Be Done Just Because of Roof Age?

Getting one’s money’s worth from products with expiration dates is a prime factor when calculating cost-effectiveness.

Being able to use that product beyond its effective date can sometimes provide even greater value.

This is many times how homeowners view paying for a roofing replacement as it is approaching the end of its life expectancy.

If there are no problems that require roofing services to this point, why not let things go a little longer?

Delaying a roofing replacement past the life expectancy of any installation may not seem like the worst thing in the world, but it can definitely cost a homeowner money in the long run.


Old roofs that should be replaced by roofing services don’t function as efficiently as they once did when they were not so old.

Of course, any roof reaching or past its life expectancy qualifies for roofing replacement if leaks start to spring up, shingles start to crack, or show other types of damage; however, even those roofs that seem to be functioning well are costing extra money in home utility costs.

How Much Cost?

Over the span of just two or three years, an old roof can end up costing a homeowner more in increased heating and cooling bills than if they had just called their roofing replacement contractor before waiting for any obvious problems to prompt that replacement.

It is a detail that many people fail to consider when planning out the financing of their roofing replacement, which should be scheduled for just before or when the roof reaches its life expectancy.


As roofing materials continue to improve every year, each new product available is designed to be more thermal protective against UV rays.

New attic insulation and underlayment products now available are also more functional.

While the products that were installed at the last roofing replacement were perfectly functional at the time, in some cases that installation was made 40 years ago!

Times have changed in 40 years, especially in the roofing industry, and roofing replacement contractors know that today’s products are much more efficient.

Should A Roof Be Replaced Before Its Life Expectancy?

Does this mean that every homeowner should have a roofing replacement made a year ahead of time?

Of course, not; however, roofing services do recommend carefully inspecting older roofs every year to check for hard-to-spot UV damage, then consider the options.

Even if it functions perfectly, a worn, outdated roof that is nearly half a century old might be better off being replaced by roofing services if a new roof with more advanced materials can offer more benefits.

Sometimes, lower utility bills, a more comfortable, climate-controlled home, and a better-looking, new roof are better choices than holding on one more year!