Know The Right Way to Put Christmas Lights on the Roof!

The holiday season is almost here and for many homeowners, that means the time to decorate the house is near!

It is also a time when roofing services see homeowners making mistakes when trying to hang their outdoor lights on the roof.

Many homeowners end up calling roof repair companies later on because they’ve unknowingly damaged their roofing while putting up their lights.

Avoid those problems by considering these tips from roof contractors experienced in light hanging.

  1. Plan The Decorations First – Before climbing up on that ladder with a giant string of holiday lights, roofing services strongly recommend that homeowners plan out exactly what lights and decorations they plan to install and how they will set them up. In doing so, roof contractors suggest first making sure they have more than enough hangers, locating electrical outlets ahead of time, researching which parts of the roof are sturdy enough to hang strings of lights from, and measuring that they have long enough extension cords. According to roofing services, this pre-planning will reduce frustration as well as the number of times it is necessary to go up and down the ladder to get the lights successfully hung. 
  2. Safety Is Paramount – Always use a safety ladder, soft-soled shoes, and other safety gear as required to prevent falls. Avoid trying to hang lights alone and do it on a dry day when there are no high winds. 
  3. Use the Right Hangers – The biggest mistake that roof repair companies find homeowners making when attempting to hang holiday lights on their roofs is using nails instead of less damaging wire hangers. Nails that puncture through the roofing materials leave holes that are sure to cause problems later on. Roof repair companies strongly recommend using clip-on wire hangers made specifically for hanging lights instead, as these can be easily and temporarily attached to roofing shingles without causing any damage.
  4. Remain Alert to Causing Roof Damage – Above all, roof contractors recommend that no matter what light hanging entails, use common sense to prevent roofing damage. Avoid walking on the roof if possible, but if necessary, know where the rafters are to do it safely and use soft-soled shoes. Avoid perforating or bending the roofing materials, damaging any flashing, or otherwise damaging the roof to where repairs might be necessary later on.

Follow these simple tips to safely hang Christmas lights on the roof this holiday season and avoid all the problems.

Better yet, hire a local roofing service to safely hang those lights the right way without causing roof damage!