Prevent Metal Roofing Repair with Good Maintenance!

Metal roofs are incredibly long-lasting, with a lifespan of 50 years or more when properly cared for.

Besides their longevity and durability, one of the best things that people like about metal roofing installations is that they require minimal maintenance.

Still, providing the little bit of care they do need can make the difference between spending money on metal roofer repair unnecessarily and having a sound, trouble-free, roof for decades to come. 

Tips To Prolong The Lifespan of a Metal Roof

What do metal roofing companies recommend for getting a full life out of a metal roofing installation?

Owners of metal roofs who follow these tips should be able to enjoy their installations without the problems that can arise due to neglect, and a failure to provide essential maintenance.

  • Like Metals Only – Metal roofs are made from multiple types of metal. To prevent corrosion, ensure from the start that all components, including all attachment hardware, are made of the same metal and that any repairs made also use the same metal. An experienced metal roofing company will know this, but it is good for homeowners to have this knowledge as well. 
  • Watch for Loosening Hardware – Hardware can loosen up over time. Pay attention to the appearance of loose or missing screws and other attachments on a metal roofing installation and periodically have a roofer out to replace and/or tighten them. This is easy to accomplish as part of a yearly, or bi-annual inspection. 
  • Repair Holes and Corrosion – Should any corrosion appear on the roof or something perforates the metal, arrange for metal roofer repair as soon as possible to prevent additional damage from occurring. Holes and areas of corrosion left unrepaired will result in more corrosion that spreads over the panel. 
  • Keep It Clean – A gentle washing every now and then to remove layers of dirt and grime will protect the painted surface of a metal roofing installation and minimize the chance that rust will take hold. 
  • Protect the Paint – If a painted metal roof has been sealed with a protectant, have it reapplied as necessary. Repainting is also possible when done by a metal roofing company that uses the correct technique, to freshen up the surface and brighten the color.

Overall, metal roofing installations require very little maintenance in comparison to other roofing systems.

With good observation, regular inspections and cleanings by roofers, and addressing needed metal roofer repair tasks promptly, homeowners can have a trouble-free, long-lasting, and beautiful metal roof for a long time!