Can A Roof Replacement Be Done in the Winter in Texas?

Winter is nearly here and although homeowners planning a new roof installation might think they now have to wait until spring, this is not necessarily the case.

Texas is fortunate enough to have fairly mild winters, minus a few cold spells here and there.

Although the best times of year to have roofing work done are the late spring and throughout the fall, plenty of roofing contractors continue to work all winter long.

The key to winter roofing success is the temperature. 

When Is The Ideal Time for Roofing Work?

Ideally, a roof replacement should be done when there is little danger of rain and there are no temperature extremes.

In Texas, those times are late spring after the early rains and before the summer storm season throughout the fall and well into the winter.

While many roofing contractors may do roof installations throughout the summer, extreme heat can make these long, involved jobs more difficult.

On the other hand, winter provides an opportunity for roofers to keep working on most days since there is little rain and no extreme heat. 

When Is It Too Cold to Do Roof Work?

Is it ever too cold for roofing contractors to do a new roof installation?

That depends on the type of roof being installed.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular system installed on houses and require a daytime temperature of at least 40 degrees to ensure the adhesive strips on the bottoms of the shingles will create a good seal and that roofers can successfully apply waterproof roofing sealant around protrusions.

Since the number of days that do not reach at least 40 degrees during the Texas winters is few, most roofers are able to keep serving their customers even throughout the colder season.

If anything, a Texas roofing service might simply delay a roof replacement or repair job by a day or two if the daytime temperature stays too low, but it rarely prevents them from getting the job done.

Metal roofs that require no adhesives can be installed all year long, even on days that dip far below 40 degrees since they are affixed using only fasteners, which are not at all affected by temperature. 

So Don’t Delay Those Roofing Repairs!

What does this mean for homeowners?

Primarily, it means that there is never a reason to delay needed roofing repairs or that roof replacement project simply because winter has rolled around again.

Experienced roofing contractors understand the application requirements of the products they use and when they must wait a day or two for a bit more sun or a warmer day.

Since many homeowners do not understand this and will wait until spring to schedule their major work, those who schedule their new roof for a mild winter day will likely have to wait less for these services.

Call A Roofer Soon!

Talk to a skilled local roofing contractor about scheduling a roof installation over the winter and have it all finished by the time those spring rains come again!