Should I Invest in a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

A standing seam metal roof installed by a professional metal roofing company can transform the look of a house while offering five decades or more of durable service.

There are many positives to having metal roofer services install this roof, but also a few negatives that should be understood beforehand as well.

Homeowners thinking about calling a metal roof service can consider these pros and cons to make a more educated decision on purchasing a metal roof. 

Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

What are the main benefits of hiring a metal roofing company to install a standing seam roof?

  • Long Lasting – Depending on the quality of the materials chosen, a standing seam installation can last between 30 and 50 years on average and sometimes even longer with good maintenance. They are durable against most weather when properly installed and maintained.
  • Very Low Maintenance Requirements – Other than keeping the roof clean, hiring a metal roofer service for inspections, and periodically checking the fasteners to make sure they are still tight, standing seam roofs require little else. 
  • Increased Home Value – A standing seam metal system professionally installed by metal roofer services can increase the value of the home considerably since it is a desirable roof that is frequently favored over asphalt shingles. 
  • Great Curb Appeal – Standing seam systems look beautiful and they can stand out in a positive way in a neighborhood filled with homes all bearing the same asphalt shingle installations. 

Disadvantages of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

With all of these points making a positive case for having a metal roofing company install a standing seam system, what are the disadvantages that homeowners should also be aware of?

  • More Expensive – Standing seam metal roofs cost about three times that of asphalt shingles, making cost the top reason why homeowners choose against them. Do consider that they are cost-effective though the initial output is high, they can also last two to three times as long as those same shingles will. 
  • Can be Noisy – The sound of rain hitting a standing seam roof can be disruptive to some. Fortunately, there are ways that metal roofer services can reduce that noise by adding extra decking and underlayment that absorb some of it. 
  • Oil Canning – This ripply effect happens when standing seam panels heat up and then cool back down again, making the panels look wavy and imperfect. Oil canning, which is caused by installing the panels too tightly against each other, can easily be avoided by hiring a metal roof service that is experienced in installing standing seam systems. 

In Summary

Standing seam metal installed by professional metal roofer services offer homeowners many advantages over their long lifespan.

And while cost may be an issue for some, other disadvantages can usually be resolved by a great metal roofing company that knows this material well.

The right metal roof service can make all the difference when considering a standing seam metal roof!