Does Roof Color Matter When Choosing Roofing Materials?

Roofing material is available these days in a wide variety of types, plus an array of attractive colors to enhance the appearance of any home. Roof companies have access to roofing materials in many colors and shades to suit their customer’s tastes. In addition to appearance, roofers suggest that homeowners also consider how their choice in color can affect their roof and home as the years pass. 

The Importance of Roof Color

Does roof color even matter? From an aesthetic perspective, homeowners who choose roofing colors that are slightly different than their immediate neighbors will benefit from added curb appeal. A different roof color or shade can really make a great looking house stand out in a neighborhood of cookie-cutter architectural designs. 

However, there is something more than just visual appeal that homeowners should consider when choosing roofing colors.

Energy Efficiency

Roofers highlight the fact that the color chosen for roofing materials can directly affect the home’s interior temperatures, and a homeowner’s monthly cooling and heating costs.

Because dark colors absorb heat and light reflect it, dark and light roofs experience the same effects. Homes in hotter climates with black or dark roofs tend to be warmer inside, and require more energy to keep them cool, while those with lighter roofs are usually cooler. 

Conversely, homes in climates that experience very cold winters tend to be easier to keep heated when they have dark roofs, while those with lighter roofs do not gain much benefit from overhead UV energy. According to roof companies, homeowners in Texas who are getting ready to replace their roofs should consider how their color choice will affect their home comfort, and their utility costs. 

Choosing A “Cooler” Roof

One of the best ways to keep cooling costs down in a hot climate is to choose a “cooler” roof. Roofing materials in a lighter color can greatly reduce the amount of heat energy that is allowed through the roof and into the house. A roof that goes beyond the traditional black or dark gray can make a house stand out, too. 

Other Options

But there are other options that can help for those who just love the clean, classic look of a dark roof on their lighter house. When lighter roofs just don’t seem to look right, homeowners should discuss attic insulation and ventilation with their roof company, as well as roofing type and color, as this can sometimes help, too. 

In Summary

Discuss roofing colors, attic insulation, and other ways to keep homes cooler during the hot Texas summers with an experienced roofer today. The right combination of components and colors will look and perform great on any home to make summer home comfort easier.



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