Author: Tim Carney

  • Should I Invest in a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

    A standing seam metal roof installed by a professional metal roofing company can transform the look of a house while offering five decades or more of durable service. There are many positives to having metal roofer services install this roof, but also a few negatives that should be understood […]

  • Can A Roof Replacement Be Done in the Winter in Texas?

    Winter is nearly here and although homeowners planning a new roof installation might think they now have to wait until spring, this is not necessarily the case. Texas is fortunate enough to have fairly mild winters, minus a few cold spells here and there. Although the best times of […]

  • Prevent Metal Roofing Repair with Good Maintenance!

    Metal roofs are incredibly long-lasting, with a lifespan of 50 years or more when properly cared for. Besides their longevity and durability, one of the best things that people like about metal roofing installations is that they require minimal maintenance. Still, providing the little bit of care they do […]

  • Know The Right Way to Put Christmas Lights on the Roof!

    The holiday season is almost here and for many homeowners, that means the time to decorate the house is near! It is also a time when roofing services see homeowners making mistakes when trying to hang their outdoor lights on the roof. Many homeowners end up calling roof repair […]

  • What Are the Top Signs of Storm Damage to Your Roof?

    Storms happen and in some regions, they can cause extensive damage to homes, trees, and entire communities and require immediate storm damage roofing repairs. After all, the roof tends to be the area on a house that takes the brunt of a storm’s power and suffers most of the […]

  • Should A Roofing Replacement Be Done Just Because of Roof Age?

    Getting one’s money’s worth from products with expiration dates is a prime factor when calculating cost-effectiveness. Being able to use that product beyond its effective date can sometimes provide even greater value. This is many times how homeowners view paying for a roofing replacement as it is approaching the […]

  • If A Tree Falls On Your House – Follow These Critical Guidelines

    A tree falling on your house during a storm is one of the most serious types of roof damage you could experience as a homeowner. If that were ever to happen, what should you do next? Obviously, you will need some substantial residential storm damage repairs, but there are […]

  • Can Smaller Hail Still Cause Roofing Hail Damage?

    Hail can destroy a roofing installation in more ways than one. Sometimes the need for hail damage roofing repairs is obvious, but most other times the damage is sneaky. That’s because most people do not fully realize just how damaging even smaller hail can be. Hail damage roofers can […]

  • Roofers in Demand in 2022 – Schedule Now!

    While many industries have seen record slowing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a weakening economy, some industries are prospering and among those, roofing companies have had so much work in the past year, some contractors have expanded their businesses to keep up. Roof contractors are in demand right […]

  • Marketing A Good Reputation Is Essential For A Successful Roofing Business

    With the number of roofing contractors doing business in different communities, having a good reputation within the community can be a critical factor for gaining new customers; however, a great reputation will do little if the public does not know about it. This is where reputation marketing for roofers […]